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Bayco Reservoir


As it has been exhibited previously, the dam of Bayco´s ravine places in the actions of defense of the left margen of the river World, inside the General Plan of Defense against Avenues of the Cuenca of the Segura.

Bayco´s ravine is in the zone Suroriental of the province of Albacete. After happening for Ontur´s locality, riverbed gets lost in Albatana´s plains.

In case of important avenues, the wealth generated in his basin join finally to Tobarra´s creek or Minateda´s ravine, tributary for the left margen of the river Mundo, which comes together with this one in the tail of the reservoir of Lobbies.

The dam of Bayco´s ravine is upstream from Ontur´s locality, to a distance of 2,5 kilometres.

The busy areas belong to the municipal areas of Ontur and Fuente Álamo.

U.T.M. coordinates:

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Access to the dam and reservoir

The access to the dam of Bayco´s ravine from Albacete is realized following the described itinerary later: exit of Albacete in direction Murcia for the highway A-30; I turn aside in the exit Ontur close to Tobarra´s locality following the road CM-3215 towards Ontur; already in Ontur there takes the road CM-412 towards Poplar. To approximately two kilometres and a half of Ontur´s locality there takes a detour put up signs to the left side that leads to a rotunda from the one that one can accede to the coronation of the prey for his left stirrup and to the House of the Administration. The total length of the tour from Albacete is of approximately 72 km.

Since alternative access describes the following itinerary: exit of Albacete in direction Alicante for the highway A-31; after happening close to Monte Aragón´s Chinchilla, detour towards Pétrola for the CM-3255; in Pétrola the CM-3214 takes up to The Anorias and from here, the CM-3211 towards Poplar; at the entry of this population the CM-412 takes towards Ontur and to approximately 7 km from Poplar divides to the right the approach road to the dam.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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