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Taibilla Reservoir


The Taibilla Reservoir is located on the River Taibilla in the municipal district of Nerpio (Albacete), in the ravine formed by the hills of El Alboche (to the east) and El Espolón (to the west) in Sierra del Zacatín.

The Taibilla reservoir lies about 7 kilometres upstream from the Diversion Dam (measured along the bed) and redirects the water released from the Taibilla Dam (and the flow of the basin of those 7 km) towards the Canal Alto del Taibilla where it is incorporated into the mains network of the irrigation community.

The coordinates of the point where the river meets the reservoir comes as follows:

U.T.M. coordinates :

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Geographical coordinates (based on the Greenwich meridian):

X 1 º 25' 25 " West
Y 38 º 11' 40 " North

Access to the dam and reservoir

Access is via the Canal Alto del Taibilla service road, which heads southwards from kilometre 35+050 of the MU-706/AB-702 road between el Sabinar and Nerpio.

With the construction of the Canal Alto del Taibilla, an access road was laid from the AB-702, El Sabinar to Nerpio road 10 km from El Sabinar. One follows the road for 6 km until reaching “Presa de Toma de Agua del Taibilla” (Taiblilla Diversion Dam).

There is another access to the dam, from Vizcable via Yetas, which is much longer, although it is an alternative if the service road is closed because of rock falls.

This was presented as a separate project and is a service road for the whole Canal del Taibilla.

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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