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Management support in ordinary situations: Use of the infrastructures, resources available and existing demands.

Every day precise and aggregate information on the state of the infrastructures and the hydrological system is seen and supervised. This activity is supplemented by the monitoring, evaluation, forecast and/or prognosis of events and/or hydrological and hydraulic phenomena. Depending on the event or the phenomenon, one works on different time scales: daily, monthly, annually, as well as lower time scales, hourly, half-hourly, every fifteen minutes and instantly (five minutes), or others, according to the specific cases of analysis.

These supervisory activities have been performed in close collaboration with those responsible for Operations; in particular, those in charge of the states of reservoirs, manoeuvres, spillways, stocks, water cumulative flows and balances.

On the other hand, and also in collaboration with those responsible for Operations, the levels and circulating flows are supervised in the different stretches, nodes and points available in the beds and channels.

To carry out these activities, the SAIH application is used, whose current version has incorporated significant modifications regarding the initial SCADA version. Computer applications have been developed that, based on the data provided by the SAIH, facilitate the treatment of the different databases available and the generation of status, evolution, evaluation and, in some cases, prognosis, reports for different hypotheses, for different periods of time and for their presentation in different alphanumeric and graphic formats.

Information related with the management support in ordinary situations, proceeding directly from SCADA application
Examples of presentations of information related with management support in ordinary situations, coming directly from the SCADA.
Topological Outlines of Reservoirs, Riverbeds and Channels.
Zoom of direct utilities from the outlines.
Displays of status variables and their evolution.


For the specific monitoring of basin, irrigation and inter-irrigation resources, the SAIH has developed an application to integrate the different sources and thus constitute a real support tool for management and the taking of decisions.

Examples of types of alphanumeric and graphic reports coming from the irrigation and inter-irrigation Monitoring Application
Examples of types of alphanumeric and graphic reports coming from the irrigation and inter-irrigation Monitoring Application.

These reports are especially useful in situations of monitoring irrigation, inter-irrigation, droughts and, in general, as support for the taking of decisions in the day-to-day management of the different CHS users. The above-mentioned applications also allow the integration of different sources, in particular: SAIH, transfer and River Policing Authority.