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Access to the hidrological information of the SAIH (DATOS PROVISIONALES SUJETOS A REVISIÓN)

Form of acceptance for consulting and/or downloading of information

The consult and/or download of this information in digital format is realized under a contract of acceptance of the following terms:

  1. The use of the information, put at the disposal of free way, offers possessing the good faith and the own risk of the user. The user binds to use his contents of diligent, correct and lawful form and, especially, of conformity with the in force legality in every moment.
  2. In case of this information being included in any type of document in any support, it will arrange an appointment to the HYDROGRAPHIC FEDERATION OF SEGURA as source of the same one.
  3. The contained information offers only by way of information. The HYDROGRAPHIC FEDERATION OF SEGURA takes responsibility neither of the eventual mistakes, nor of the accuracy or current importance of the contained information, nor of the cheating of the generated expectations that could take place in any moment for the information here facilitated. The DATA shown are provisional and subject to review.
  4. The HYDROGRAPHIC FEDERATION OF SEGURA excludes any responsibility for any hurt that stems from the use, transmission, diffusion or storage of the information.

To initiate the consult and/or download accept the conditions.

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