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The Automatic Hydrological Information System of the Segura River Basin has the following aims, amongst others:

  • Collect and transmit meteorological, hydrological, hydraulic and complementary variables, from the points of generation of the data to the final reception centre, located in the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura, in Murcia capital.
  • Filter, detect, correct and evaluate the hydrological data received.
  • Provide water data to the different users of the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura involved in exploitation and control functions, at any time and in any normal or adverse circumstance, even in real-time, regarding the hydrological and hydraulic variables and the state of the significant hydraulic infrastructure.
  • Provide support for the users responsible for exploitation and control in the taking of decisions in ordinary situations, by means of alphanumeric and graphic monitoring of rainfall, of operations in the reservoirs and by means of the monitoring of levels and circulating flows in riverbeds and distribution canals, thus contributing to the optimization and the efficiency of the overall management.
  • Create short and medium-term forecasts regarding the availability of surface resources, thus facilitating the optimum management of uses and demands of the river basin, such as irrigation, supply and compliance with minimum environmental flows.
  • Provide support for the Standing Committee and the different units and services involved in the taking of decisions in extraordinary situations of floods and droughts, by means of the ongoing monitoring of the evolution of adverse hydrometeorological phenomena, ongoing surveillance and the generation of reports for the purpose of minimizing their possible effects.
  • Make short-term forecasts regarding the evolution of levels and flows in the rivers of the basin and automatically generate alarms, which will contribute to mitigating the damages caused by overflows and floods.

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