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Última actualización: 09/08/2017


Overall objetive

The main objective of SEGURA RIVERLINK is to improve connectivity between natural ecosystems by following courses of action aimed at renaturalising the river and recuperating its function as a green corridor. This focus will strengthen the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Segura basin, and the results obtained will be transferred to the rest of the basin through the Segura Basin Hydrological Plan.

Barbo gitano (Luciobarbus sclateri). Autor: Francisco Almansa

Specific objetives

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To recuperate longitudinal continuity and the free flow of water in the sections of the Segura and Benamor rivers corresponding to the project, thereby re-establishing their natural dynamics and increasing the mobility of species over the length of both rivers.
  • To revert the fragmentation processes, restoring the function of the river and its banks as a green corridor and establishing links between the nature reserves that come under the geographical scope of the project.
  • To increase biodiversity with the existence of, and accessibility to, an adequate number of habitats to enable the fauna associated with the river to feed and reproduce and, therefore, to increase the resistance of the ecosystem to any natural or manmade disruption.
  • To improve the ecological status of the bodies of water.
  • To develop a Land Stewardship Network to involve private property owners in river management, increasing the links between the river and adjacent lands.
  • To increase public involvement in the management of the Segura River.
  • To increase public awareness of the problems affecting aquatic and riparian ecosystems.
  • To integrate the green infrastructure approach and the validated tools into the Segura Basin Hydrological Plan.

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