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What is RSS and ATOM?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication, RSS 2.0) is a simple way of following the updates that happen to a website without the need to check again and again, by accessing the page, if there is anything new.

An RSS file is an RDF or XML document that is updated regularly and allows for the automatic notification of news that is published on a website.

When reading ‘Syndicate this site’ with a “Content syndication” icon Feed Icon o "XML" XML Icon, it means that the news published by this website can be read without having to access the page.

Atom is also an XML sublanguage that does not correspond to nor is based on any version of RSS, but it is a similar format and most importantly, it has the same objective: allow for the distribution of content and news of websites.

The Segura Hydrographic Confederation offers support for both technologies with the aim of providing information to its subscribers.

Programme readers and Browsers

This service is accessed with programmes known as ‘Feed Readers’, that organise, update and show the content of the channels.

To add channels, the url of the desired channel must be entered into the feed reader. Groups can be created by gathering together the sections of the newspaper under the same group, etc.

The new readers (RSS, ATOM) allow for the grouping of news in a simple and comfortable way so as to be up to date with the changes that occur daily on the net of the nets.

In addition to the ‘readers’, the most common Browsers (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) include ‘web’ page syndication functions or RSS.


If your browser includes a feed reader (RSS or ATOM) click one of the following icons to access it.

Otherwise, the URL to add it to your feed reader to subscribe, depending on the support, listed as below.

ATOM ATOM Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/atom.xml
RSS RSS Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/rss.xml
ATOM ATOM Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/atom_contratacion.xml
RSS RSS Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/rss_contratacion.xml
ATOM ATOM Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/atom_empleo.xml
RSS RSS Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/rss_empleo.xml
ATOM ATOM Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/atom_inf.publica.xml
RSS RSS Subscription http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/rss_inf.publica.xml
ATOM Suscripcion ATOM http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/atom_riverlink.xml
RSS Suscripcion RSS http://www.chsegura.es/chs_en/servicios/rss/rss_riverlink.xml