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Valdeinfierno RESERVOIR

Access to the dam and reservoir

Access to the installations is from local road number 3211, where some 500 metres North-west of the centre of La Paca (in the North of the municipality of Lorca) there is a turning to the south on a minor road. Alter about 15 kilometres, this road passes through the village of Zarcilla de Ramos, and leads through a tunnel of approximately 60 m to the left-hand side-wall of the Valdeinfierno dam and its crest. The crest road then continues along the right-hand side and joins a series of country roads through which access can be gained to the Puentes reservoir, which is located downriver, by following the roads through the villages of Fuensanta and La Parroquia (to the west of the city of Lorca). From here a local road can be taken to the city, about 20 km away.

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