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Cárcabo Reservoir


El Cárcabo wadi is located on the right bank of the Segura river, in its central stretch. It collects the rainfall from a relatively small basin, but which can occasionally register quite significant flows.

El Cárcabo reservoir is in the Municipality of Cieza, between the towns of Calasparra and Cieza.

The reservoir associated with El Cárcabo dam and its surroundings are located within the Segura river Basin, in the Region of Murcia, to the North of the Autonomous Community.

The dam is located on the natural riverbed called El Cárcabo wadi, a tributary of the Segura river on its right bank. The river basin’s morphology is particularly gullied, with the gorge formed by the waters at the rocky cresting called Alto de la Higuera, standing out in particular. Here, there are some vertical crags which have been bored through to produce a series of waterfalls. The dam is located at the natural downstream boundary for the storage area of this valley formed by these crags.

The dam is barely a kilometre away from the outlet of the wadi into the Segura river, upriver from the town of Cieza.

The intersection of the axis of the dam with the riverbed is at the point indicated by the following geographical coordinates, referring to the Greenwich Meridian in the geographical coordinates and zone 30 in the UTM:

Y 1º 31´29" East

X 38º 13' 21" North

Reference system ETRS89. Time zone= 30

Access to the dam and reservoir

The reservoir can be accessed via the A-30 Motorway to the town of Cieza. From this town one takes the C-330 road, from which after about 3 km another road branches off; owned by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation which joins the MU-552 passing along the crest of the Alfonso XIII dam.
From this road owned by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation, after about 9 km, between the turning towards Almadenes and the Alfonso XIII dam, there is a reasonably straight, well defined, surfaced forest track, which after about 2 km reaches the left abutment of the dam.
This road runs along the left bank until the crest. It is made up of an artificial graded aggregate and double surfacing treatment. It is 5.00 m wide and has a hard shoulder surfaced with concrete.

It can also be accessed from the town of Calasparra via the MU-552 road which connects Calasparra to Mula. From this road the track owned by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation mentioned in the previous section branches off and which after passing along the crest of the Alfonso XIII dam reaches the surfaced forest track which in turn reaches the left abutment of the dam

The location of the reservoir can be seen in the following map:

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