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Tagus-Segura distribution canals

General outline

The waters coming from the Tagus-Segura Aqueduct flow, at a height of 510 m, into the Talave reservoir, located in the Mundo river, a tributary of the Segura. 85% of the volume transferred is used for supply and irrigation purposes at heights of below 130 m, and the remaining 15% between this height and 330 m. .

Talave Reservoir allows small regulations of the inflows coming from the Tagus, its overflow being carried out according to demand. Downriver from this reservoir, the waters flow through the Mundo river to the Camarillas Reservoir, which, in spite of not having a very great capacity, allows, together with the Talave, the regulation of the transferred waters at the headwaters. Downriver from Camarillas, the Mundo river meets the Segura, the latter flowing along until it reaches the Ojós Reservoir.

Ojós Reservoir is situated where the Segura Valley closes in at El Salto del Solvente (El Solvente water drop), at the confluence of the Municipal Terms of Ojós and Blanca. It has a useful capacity of reservoir of 1.6 million cubic metres, which allows flow by gravity, through the Main Canal of the Left Riverbank and the Canal de Crevillente, a maximum flow of 30 m³/s. On the right, the water is pumped up a geometric height of 150 m to a regulating reservoir (El Mayés Reservoir), which allows for intermittent pumping in off-peak times, continuing in free flow regiment via canal toward the Guadalentín Valley at Alhama, where it is pumped up to a height of 115 m to reach Lorca, situated at a height of 330 m, controlling the mountain pass where the dividing line with the valley of the Almanzora is to be found, where there is a regulating tail reservoir.

The Main Canal of the Left Riverbank flows freely in a direction parallel to the course of the Segura. Later on it forks to continue, on the one hand, as far as the town of Crevillente, where there is a regulating reservoir, and, on the other, at Orihuela, it perpendicularly crosses the Segura Valley to supply La Pedrera reservoir, which has no inflow of its own, and with a capacity of 250 million cubic metres. This reservoir supplies water for the irrigation of the Campo de Cartagena, La Pedrera area and Irrigations of the East -Right Bank, a duct having been built for the water to flow freely at a height of 75 m for this purpose.

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