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Tagus-Segura distribution canals

Ojos reservoir

It is situated in the Solvente ravine, downriver from the dam head of the Hydro-electric Power Station of the same name, on the boundary of the municipal districts of Ojós and Blanca.

Main Dam Diversion
Main Dam Diversion

It is formed by an overflow gravity dam with a polygonal ground plan, built on debris, with a double screen of reinforced concrete piles tangent between each other, with a separation of 3 m between both rows, this area having been injected in order to ensure the watertightness of the screen.

The maximum length of the piles is 17 m, reaching the limestone existing beneath the debris.


Municipal district: Blanca (Murcia).
River: Segura
Height: 19,50 m
Length of crest: 53 m
Type (gravity): Gravity
Ground plan: (straight, curved): Polygonal three sides
Level of foundations: 123,00 msnm
Height of crest: 140,667 msnm
Maximum reservoir level: 138,55 msnm
Height of weirs: 132,55 msnm
Maximum extraordinary level: 139,82 msnm
Number of spillway spans: 3
Length of spillway spans : 9 m
Number of floodgates: 3
Type of floodgates: (fixed wheel) (sector): Rectangulars
Floodgate surface: 3 x 54 m²
Floodgate draining capacity: 766,68 m³/s.
Undersluices 4
Type of undersluices: Wagon floodgate
Capacity of undersluices: 160 m³/s.
Total maximum flood draining capacity 1139,50 m³/s
Drainage area surface: 9856 km².
Average annual rainfall: 358,18 l/m²
Reservoir volume: 2,8 hm³.
Surface flooded : 0,85 km²
Civil work
Volume of excavation: 17954 m³.
Volume of concrete: 19511 m³.


The three spans of the weir have a drainage capacity of 750 m³/s, with the corresponding stilling pool protected downriver by a breakwater.

These spans are closed by three floodgates, fixed-wheel type, 9 m wide and 6 m high.

The length of the crest is 53 m, the level of foundations 17 m, and the capacity 1.6 million cubic metres.

Reservoir ground plan
Reservoir ground plan
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