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Segura demarcation water bodies

One of the objectives of the Water Framework Directive for all Member States is to achieve good water status for all water bodies by 2015. It considers jointly surface and underground, transition and coastal continental waters, protecting the ecosystems that depend on them.

It groups together the waters and aquatic ecosystems in water bodies in order to study and characterise them. It classifies them into surface and underground waters and they are considered and studied from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

An extensive characterisation and pressure and impact assessment process is being carried out in order to estimate the likelihood of not achieving the environmental objectives, that is, the good status of water bodies.

River Luchena. Lorca (Murcia).
River Luchena. Lorca (Murcia).

The WFD Water Framework Directive considers any human activity that impacts on water status as pressure. This expressly includes significant sources of specific and diffuse pollution, significant water extraction and returns, regulation works, significant hydromorphological alterations and other anthropogenic incidences.

Impact is considered as the result of pressure on the status of the water body with the quality criteria stipulated in the Water Framework Directive. Impact assessment consists of assessing risk, considering the latter as the likelihood of the water mass not achieving the WFD Water Framework Directive environmental objectives.

This risk, estimated as a combination of pressure and impact, may be classified as certain risk, risk under study and no risk.

Cartographic information and information on the characterisation of water bodies defined in the Segura Hydrographic Demarcation is provided below.

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